Achieve Your Goals!

Whether your goal is to feed the hungry, provide a place of worship or run a city, Oak View National Bank can help! Our lending and leasing programs for non-profit organizations, churches and municipalities provide the funding necessary for your group to carry out its mission.


Church Loans

We specialize in lending options for churches of all denominations in our community. There is no minimum loan amount, and we offer both secured and unsecured loans. And because we own the loans and service them in-house, we can flexible with amortizations, loan terms and repayment schedules.


Municipal Leasing Program

Our municipal leasing program is done in partnership with an outside company in order to offer financing options for property acquisitions and capital equipment purchases. Local municipalities can take advantage of our tax-exempt leasing to acquire essential facilities and equipment needed for the success of the community.


Ins and Outs of Our Municipal Leasing Program

Our program works very similar to traditional lending in that you (the borrower) are considered the owner of the asset. Funds from our municipal leasing program can be used for capital purchases like police cars, fire trucks, dump trucks and certain real estate. And, with simple, straightforward documentation, you aren’t left confused about the terms of your lease.

  • Tax exempt municipal interest rates
  • Fixed payment structures
  • Avoid costly, unpredictable and time consuming requirements of traditional bond financing.
  • Elimination of upfront cash outlays for legal costs, issuance costs, etc.
  • In Virginia, no voter approval is required and it is not subject to debt limitations
  • Terms related to life of the equipment or collateral
  • One to fifteen years for equipment
  • Up to twenty years for real property

Get in touch with us today to see what loan or lease options are right for your community organization.

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