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Business Credit Cards

Increase Purchasing Power and Earn Rewards!

A business credit card is a valuable tool for businesses of any size. It offers another way to make everyday purchases, helps build up a credit history and can also provide rewards. Oak View National Bank offers two business credit card options: our Standard Card and our Preferred Points Card.

Business Card- Standard Card

Our Standard Card doesn’t require an annual fee while offering a competitive ongoing Annual Percentage Rate (APR)*.

Additionally, you get a 25-grace period on all purchases, online account access, live toll-free customer service and individual and summary billing options. What’s not to love?

Download our fillable credit card application  to take advantage of all these benefits today!

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Business Card- Preferred Points Card

Why can’t your business credit card be used for purchases and fun? Our Preferred Points Card allows your business to earn points toward cash-back, gift cards, travel and a wide variety of merchandise!

The Preferred Points Card comes with a low annual fee*, live customer assistance, online account access and rental car collision damage waiver protection. Additionally, you can easily redeem rewards points by going to Our Preferred Points Card offers individual billing options only.

Download our fillable credit card application to take advantage of all these benefits today!

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