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Safe, Sound, and Secure

Dear Oak View Community,

On Monday, March 13th, Oak View executed on its contingency funding plan. By 10:30 a.m. the bank had an additional $50 million in liquid funds on the balance sheet, plus additional funding in reserve. This pre-arranged plan is designed to protect our depositors without the need for a government bailout. Although we were not concerned about our depositors moving money out of the Bank, we felt it was a wise precaution to take given the chaos that ensued in the wake of the failure of two poorly managed large banks over the preceding weekend.

Oak View actually experienced a net increase in deposits during the week of March 13th as depositors moved money to their local community bank. Given the net increase in deposits and having proven that our contingency funding plan was sound, we reduced our on-balance sheet liquidity back to normal levels by the end of the week. Our team is dedicated to protecting your money and your trust in us; the contingency funding plan remains in place to protect Oak View depositors again if the need arises.

Nobody has ever lost a dime of FDIC insured deposits in any FDIC insured bank. If you want the peace of mind of FDIC insured deposits in a well-run authentic community bank, call 540.359.7100 or visit one of our offices in Warrenton, Marshall or Culpeper.

Our customer service professionals can:

Oak View National Bank is safe, sound and secure. We do right by our customers and support local community small businesses and non-profit organizations. It has been very gratifying to hear so many people say, “We aren’t worried about Oak View!”. Thank you for the confidence you have shown in your local community bank.


Michael A. Ewing

Chairman of the Board and CEO