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At Oak View National Bank, we are always on the lookout for better ways to connect our customers with the very best financial products and services.  We are excited to announce we have partnered with a best-in-class core operating system to better serve your banking needs. 

eBills Information & Updates

Thank you for your patience as we have navigated the update of our core processing system over the last few weeks! At this time, most of our customers have signed in successfully to the improved Online Banking system and are well on their way to a better banking experience.

The updated eBill service has presented a few challenges. If this has been a frustration for you, please know we are working closely with our vendors to implement the best solutions to smooth out this process now and moving forward.

Enrollment for eBills is available through Online Banking and all customers will need to re-enroll for their past eBills. Our new vendor for this service may not support your particular eBill provider. We apologize for this inconvenience and we will continue to work with our vendor to expand the list of providers.

Enrollment challenges may be related to enhanced security protocols by vendor. If your vendor uses enhanced security protocols, such as security questions or multifactor texts, this may present an enrollment challenge. We suggest using a computer (versus a mobile device) for enrollments like these to facilitate the multiple pop ups in a browser and to work with your vendor on the best way to enroll..

Your payments can be made through Bill Pay. With many of your vendors, these payments are electronic (instead of a paper check), and the posting time for payments is very quick. Your provider may provide alternate notifications, such as eStatements, email, and text notifications, and we suggest you enroll in those to keep up with your payments.

Also, our past eBill vendor has notified some vendors that they are no longer providing eBill services, therefore, automatically switching our customers over to paper statements and billing. Be on the lookout for bills and statements that may be coming to your mailbox.

Thank you for your patience!   

Your Are on Your Way to Better Banking

Have you accessed Online Banking yet?  If not, below are a few helpful hints to make that a smooth process:

Online Banking

  • Log in to Online Banking with your current User ID, and your temporary password, which is your User ID plus the last four digits of your Social Security number.  
  • If you are a Business Online Banking eCorp user, your log in credentials will be your current User ID and your temporary password, which is the User ID plus the last four digits of the business EIN.
  • If you are a Business Online Banking Merchant Capture customer, we would have contacted you individually with important instructions to access your online account.
  • If you are a Quicken or QuickBooks user, more information to re-authorize your connection is available here
  • All Online Banking users (personal and business) will log in in the same area; no need to select your service. 
  • If you had previously saved the Online Banking login page in your browser favorites, delete the out-of-date bookmark.
  • Reset your security questions.
  • Establish new alerts and reminders. 
  • Establish your account nicknames.

Software minimum version requirements: Microsoft Edge version 79 or higher; Chrome version 52 or higher; Firefox version 48 or higher; Opera version 39 or higher; and Internet Explorer 11.

Mobile Banking

  • Customers may access Mobile Banking, after successfully logging in to Online Banking.
  • Download the new Oak View National Bank app through the Apple App Store or Google Play.
  • Be sure to delete your old Mobile Banking apps.

Software minimum version requirements: Android, 4.4 or higher; iOS, version 11 or higher.

Bill Pay

  • Verify your Bill Pay payee information is correct.
  • Confirm your existing payments are set up correctly.
  • If you are a Business Bill Pay customer with sub-users enabled, be sure the administrator enables the sub-users in Business Bill Pay first.
  • Set up alerts and reminders.
  • Register for your eBills.
  • Set up payees in SPIN, our new person-to-person payment service.

Building a Better System

The core operating system stores data, protects customer information, and handles day-to-day banking functions such as account opening, posting transactions, and originating and servicing loans.  This includes how you access your account through Online and Mobile Banking, at your branch, or with your debit card.  

Connecting You to a Better Experience

This upgrade enables us to continue to provide the customer-centered relationship banking experience you love, and will give us a platform on which to provide the modern digital financial tools you require.

Safety & Security

Keeping your information private and secure is always our top priority.  The core conversion process did not compromise your information in any way.  

Better Banking, For You

Our new new core operating system allows us to operate more efficiently and provide you with better services.  We will have many new and improved features and benefits we look forward to sharing with you soon.  

View the customer letter and Better Banking Guide here.

Your security is important to us. Learn more about staying safe online.

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