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Online Banking

Personal Online Banking

To activate your Oak View National Bank Online Banking, you must have at least one account with Oak View National Bank. As a customer of Oak View National Bank, you will have access to all of your personal or business accounts free of charge.

For first time users, click on Enroll Now from our homepage.

To Log In:

Enter your access ID, which is your account number, and a temporary password, which is your Oak View National Bank Telebanc PIN. If you don't know your password, call customer service at 540-359-7100.

As you Log In, you will be prompted to change your access ID and password to one you select yourself. Then, you're on your way!

Access ID:
You can keep your account number as your access ID or you can change it to anything you want as long as it has a minimum of 6 characters. The access ID is case sensitive.

Password (PIN): You must change your password, to one having a combination of 6 to 12 alphabetic and numeric characters. It must contain at least 2 alpha characters. Note that passwords are case sensitive. Ex: arich2345 or ARICH2345 or ARich2345 or 1234az or 5A578B or Tv4321. Remember to always keep your PIN in a secure location.

With Personal Online Banking, all of the accounts reported under the same social security number can be accessed together.

· Check up-to-the-second balances of all your Oak View National Bank accounts
· Look at and download your month-to-date transactions
· Search to find out if a particular check has cleared or deposit has been credited
· Transfer money between any of your accounts (unless transaction limitations apply)

You can use your Online Banking 24 hours a day. Once you have your password and access ID, it's simple to use.

Features of Personal Online Banking:

  • Accounts - a list of all your accounts under your social security number.
  • Balances - up-to-the-second balances, interest information on account and activity information.
  • Transactions - a more detailed view of your account's activities. You can view transactions for the current day, previous day, the current month's statement period or the previous month's statement period for your account.
  • Transfer - allows you to transfer money from one account to another or make payments to your Oak View National Bank loan. You can make a one-time transfer or setup a regularly scheduled transfer.
  • Options - allows you to change your password, change email address, update MFA information.
  • Products - view Oak View National Bank products.
  • Logout - leave the secure Internet connection and return to the Oak View National Bank Home Page.
  • Security - Your transactions are absolutely safe. Our Online Banking uses cutting edge technology to ensure the most secure environment possible for our valued customers. We want to make sure we offer you worry-free Internet banking. View the full Oak View National Bank Security statement.
  • Privacy - Oak View National Bank recognizes that customer information is confidential and personal. As an organization, our management team takes specific steps to ensure the privacy of information about you and your account. View the full Oak View National Bank Privacy statement.
  • Contact Us - allows you to send messages to a Oak View National Bank. If you want to send e-mail to other recipients, you can use the e-mail program supplied by your Internet provider.

So what are you waiting for? Enroll today!

By accessing the First Time Users button I acknowledge that I accept any and all terms and conditions associated with a Online as outlined in the a Online Agreement.

Business Online Banking

Business Online Banking is our online banking product especially designed for businesses. Business Online Banking is secure, flexible and can be customized to each specific corporate customer, providing feature-rich, high-performance Internet corporate cash management in a single package. Through Business Online Banking, corporate cash managers can make immediate and accurate decisions, based on real-time information. Real-time float analysis provides the cash manager with the information needed to assure the availability of funds.

Sophisticated and flexible funds management capabilities allow named client employees to make controlled disbursements, transfers and payments, including ACH and internal transfers, domestic and foreign wire transfers, and loan payments.

Corporate clients enjoy greater functionality without jeopardizing security, and can establish controls at the client level.

Administrative features offer flexible management of employee rights in multiple-user environments. New employees can be set up with access options, review requirements, time-of-day access, password control and more.

For more information concerning Business Online Banking, call or visit our account representatives. We will gladly come to your location and help you get started.


  • Real-Time Account Access & Review
  • Bill Payment Services
  • Payroll Services
  • Administrative Control Options
  • Real-Time Fund Transfers
  • Download/Export Transactions into Financial Software
  • View Checks, Deposit Slips and e-statements Online
  • Cash Management Module Available
  • Wire Transfers
  • Initiate Stop Payments on checks
  • Conduct ACH Processing and more!